About me

The early years: Metallica, did you say Metallica?

I started my collection back in 1994 when I bought the Metallica One Live 12" picture disc from Live Shit box set. After that I began to buy every CD and vinyl I found about Metallica. My collection was essentially regular CD single, stuff a 16 years old kid can buy. But all CD picture from black album put all together print the Metallica logo and it's really nice. Later, I was bored of my collection because all my friends have the same collection I had. I began to sold almost everything to start a new collection from scratch.

Reboot the story

Back in 98, I started a new collection with few items of my old one. First I focused on promo CD, vinyl and other rare stuff. It was expensive and not easy to find until I finished my studies and get a job. In early 2000's I bought 10/20 items/week, my collection began to be huge and I created a first version of this website. I was still collecting only Metallica. few years later, I had almost everything I wanted, so I started to collect very hard to find stuff and sale some of mine to funds my new acquisitions.

What about something else?

Few years ago, during holidays in Japan, I began to buy other band's LP, some Pink Floyd to listen to, and Iron Maiden because I love their artworks. Since I've slowed down a lot my Metallica collection and I've bought what I found cool and I want to listen on vinyl. At this moment I only collect vinyl, and I try to find the best pressing to listen to, I often hook up to Japanese pressing. I still have my Metallica Collection.

I don't know what I will buy for my collection tomorrow, maybe extreme metal, maybe old 70's rock. If you have something to sale in near mint condition, don't hesitate to contact me.